Reviews for "Old School Nintendo"

True stuff. I love the drawings. It remind's me of swoozie's style of animation?

brewstew responds:

Not gonna lie, huge influence ... and by huge influence, i mean blatant rip-off.

i have a nintendo and a nintendo 64 and im only 11 my brother still plays it some times its like 200 yeahs old it works like a charm and hes 25! its so fun but grate animation

I can relate to this in so many ways. I actually forced someone to play the first 3 levels of Ninja Gaiden before I'd let them do what they wanted and near the end they almost had a mental brake down. There are so many random tricks to the NES. I recall I'd do the the rapid cartridge tap. That was one of the 500 tricks to get those damn games to work. Anyhow, this is great.

This is gold!

thank god i live in this centuruy,what would i do without the microprocessor?