Reviews for "Old School Nintendo"

-.- lol so true

I own a Super NES, and mine is the exact same way. I have to stay up until 1:30 playing because the dang thing says it saves, then i turn it off, turn it back on again to see if it saves, then i end up playing all night to get back where i was in the game. All in all, you hit the nail right on the head. 5 stars.

I really enjoyed this. I know the animation wasn't up to scratch. It was more about what the narrator was saying and it's meant for old school gamers who can relate to this animation. That's the point. The joke is i've never completed Contra. That game was designed to destroy your sanity!!!

Great job Dude!

Ridiculously accurate summary of the NES system.... i wish i never got rid of mine but i think it was for the best... lol

So true.