Reviews for "Old School Nintendo"

I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard. Exactly right. I remember I couldn't get Jaws to start and about the time I threw a fit and headed for the door it kicked on so loud I almost pissed myself. At one point a big as spider moved into it. You could see the thing in the back when you put a game in, but it was too far back to kill. Made switching games terrifying.

lol so true, reminds me back when i was a little childrenz playing my nintendo. ahh those where horribly good days.

I miss my Super Nintendo ! Back when you needed real live friends to fill the P2 slot

OMG. this is just.... so true.
And the style of flash is just so classic, and it works because of this awesome telling. and your voice is just made for this also.
Great work.

I have that armchair in your video lol