Reviews for "Old School Nintendo"

So true. You may never even pass the first level in some of the older games.

hahaha simple yet funny

Damnit uncle Rick!!!!!!!!

That was one of the most hilarious and true commentaries I've heard in a long time. It was funny as hell. Well done sir. Your art wasn't exactly incredible but it got the job done and I laughed my ass off. Great work!

Yes I identify with most of that stuff, the fact that you didn't have check points, the fact that you didn't have saving system that one was pretty lame, I remember that I was playing ninja gaiden 3 that had a password system, a lame password system because I remeber that I got the password for level five just with 5 seconds of brute force. Also I remember that once I decided to pass the whole contra game and I remember that i passed all with one life, just because I was to lazy to learn the konami code.