Reviews for "Old School Nintendo"

Oh god do I agree with the idea of using the old games as a punishment!

Great stuff, simple animation but very funny

The nostalgia (and hatred) this has brought back for me by watching this. I both loved and rued the NES. Mostly loved though. I still have 3 NES systems, and play one occasionally. Old school gaming will forever have a place in my heart. Thanks for making this movie!

This was amazing! It was simple, funny, it got the message across perfectly, loved it XD. It truly reminds you how hard games were back then compared to now. Reminds me of my PS1 where I had to hit it at a right amount for some games to run, if I hit it too softly it would still crackle (CD spinner/reader was stuffed up), if I hit it too hard the PS1 would reset, had to be just right, ah good times XD.

HAHAHA, it's funny and true. I don't even own a real Nintendo, and I play my Nintendo cartridges on a retro bit entertainment system which is an imperfect clone console. It plays games mostly good, but some games music plays awful on the clone. I still prefer the clone over a real Nintendo because this video is right about the original Nintendo, and that it would mess up on it's own all the time if you fart or cough. The fucked up thing about the original Nintendo is that it ran like a piece of shit even when it first came out. It has some good games tho for it such as Felix the Cat, Super C, Super dodgeball, and many more.