Reviews for "Old School Nintendo"

awe back when consoles took forever to die .. when a game took more time to beat . ^_^ i still have my nes and still play the hell out of it . GIVE ME DOUBLE DRAGONS any day . 1 hard .2 my fave for me and my dad. 3. OMG so hard. yet i play it AGAIN .. lol . all the games that took so long to beat that didn't last more then 8 hours of game play if you knew how to win. O-o . and agree you look at console wrong from this day and age they stop working . or the disc brake

True stuff. I love the drawings. It remind's me of swoozie's style of animation?

brewstew responds:

Not gonna lie, huge influence ... and by huge influence, i mean blatant rip-off.

I hate to say it, but, everything you say is true, games nowadays are too easy (I'm Calling you out COD), old school games were so fucking aggravating!Damn Mike Tyson.

Loved this. Really funny! Awesome job.

-.- lol so true