Reviews for "Incident:123A"

First off let me be the first to say pretty damn amazing, I would say awesome but, that is word over used and lost it's meaning ages ago anyway on to the review.

Visuals - It' makes a change some people are starting to use the Project Nexus Content so it was a real treat to see that put into action and executed pretty well.

The Charcther - Now Madnesscrazy is rarely ever used let alone his Dark form unleashed, which was a ton of fun to watch. You really captured the inner beast within the great powa (Power if people are going to be picky) and beast like manner.

Music and Sound Effects - Okay Now I can tell you where some of those sound effects are from I will give yo a hint: Dota 2 anyone? as for the music well I used to play commandos 2 when I a kid and I still play it now good game...besides the point I just felt like a kid again listening to that.

Overall: 4.5 Stars (Remember folks this only the first of what's to come, I am sure a lot of us can't wait for what is to come.)


GabrielBarsch responds:

oh you got me, there are some dota 2 sounds...like ursa overpower and stuff

You pay great tribute to Krinkels man! :)

dis is really cool

You've improved a lot in animation. Good work.

FUCK MadnessCrazy123.... He's a failed animator

GabrielBarsch responds:

and you're a failed human being