Reviews for "Pretentious Game 3"

;_; Oh my god! This is the saddest yet! It perfectly wraps up the series........... I feel so sorry for the light pink one..... The gray one was indeed hit by karma, and the pink one..... This game is really touching.

Great game! I played the first two just now before I played this one. Quite the story that's going on here. Really kept me hooked and wanting to continue to play (even through the impossible gray guy levels) Just to see how the story would end. It's quite a sad story, my friend had lost someone close to him due to a drunk driver on New Years. That one hits harder than anything. Like I said, great game, great story telling. I really enjoyed this.

I dont mean to be "that" guy i loved EVERYTHING about the series it was amazing.
But who was the father of the Magenta girl babies? Ok one of them is blue but she had him before meeting Gray guy, and i assume that by replicating the scene from game 1 in this game you are saying that Gray was the guy at the end of game 1.
Which would pint to Blue as the only possible father except he doesn't know this on game 1 not only that on game 1 he says he never told her how he felt and on game 3 while Magenta was with gray guy she called Blue his best friend, all of this would happen after the babies, so it wouldn't make sense that she calls him her best friend if he left her alone with 2 babies.
Even if this were the case that would mean that Blue and Magenta would've gotten together at some point during game 1.
My best guess right now is that Magenta was a little bit lose and she didn't knew who the father was either way this means that Blue stayed around for the whole thing (Pregnancy and the kids first few years) as the best friend watching the woman he loved struggle as a single parent (Gray said she was miserable when he found her) all the time without saying anything. Which would still be weird.
Im only nitpicking cause i loved the series so much and i would love if you could reply to this review. Is blue the father of Magenta's babies? If he is why didnt he told magenta how he felt while they were making the babies? Did Magenta knew who the father was? Will any of this be answered on a future game? Im sorry im just really curious.
Thanks for reading and again great series!

Romantic! I'll share this game link to my girl friend, thanks a lot!

As with the others I loved this game. Simplistic yet the story is great and meaningful. Yet another ending I did not expect. 5 Stars.