Reviews for "Pretentious Game 3"

The story was as good as the other 2 games, but I feel like the puzzle took a bit out of the story itself. I really enjoyed the gameplay and figuring it out more, but as a result I didn't pay as much attention to the story. The other two games balanced the two really well and I just don't think this did as much.

I really wish I could enjoy this as much as the original.
It does have a nice story, and more game play, I understand that, it's supposed to evolve.
I just feel like it didn't have as much of an impact as the first one did, although I did enjoy it, I find this similar to other art games, sequels just aren't as good as originals.

Romantic! I'll share this game link to my girl friend, thanks a lot!

Really awesome puzzles!

If You only did noT make it Boxes :3