Reviews for "Life By a Thread"

I really like it. It reminds me of those Saturday morning cartoons I used to see on TV, except maybe a bit more violent. This is just great!

This is really well done in every way. I can't believe this isn't on TV already.
You guys over at Titmouse do awesome stuff, and this flash is no exception.
Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait to see your next submission!

Loved the ending, it's like: IM DONE WITH THIS SHIT! Ritch!... nice!

well i can see why this made front page, at first i thought it was some dumb little flash someone made, but then i realized it reminded me of ren & stimpy style cartoons, plus it got more brutal than i expected which was a nice touch, and i loved that you did the sound effects by voice XD

over all nicely done, smooth animation and loved the sounds, keep it up!

Poor litlle kitty