Reviews for "Life By a Thread"

It's good, but with music it would be great

Great animations but the sounds were not special. I like slapstick and cats but it was a little predictable and easy (storywise). I did enjoyed it!

not bad, better sound board next time and i'll raise the score but like i said not bad.

I'm sorry but the sound effects are distractingly bad. It was painfully obvious you just used your mouth, it sounded like a 5 year old imitating it. Just use a sound board, all the sounds you were trying to reproduce (the cartoony, looney-tunes style ones) are all public domain and freely available from a dozen sound boards. I literally couldn't finish watching because of all your enunciated "goink! pssh! whapash!" nonsense.

Top notch animation though.

Nicely gone! I like your art/ animation style! My kind of humor!! Keep it up!!!!!