Reviews for "Life By a Thread"

Ren and stimpyish

Good animation with amusing humor! I personally liked your sound effects, especially the thermometer. Buuut I felt the gory parts could have been more...cartoony and non-gory? Like with Coyote and the Roadrunner.

I'm sorry but the sound effects are distractingly bad. It was painfully obvious you just used your mouth, it sounded like a 5 year old imitating it. Just use a sound board, all the sounds you were trying to reproduce (the cartoony, looney-tunes style ones) are all public domain and freely available from a dozen sound boards. I literally couldn't finish watching because of all your enunciated "goink! pssh! whapash!" nonsense.

Top notch animation though.

This was great! The animation was smooth and the sound effects fit nicely.

My only suggestion is add some music, it's great at enhancing certain moments and emotions.

The Violent Parts, was not really necessary, this is what ruin it! you don't need to add stuff just for the sake of adding them you must be true to your characters and give them only what they are really meant to have.