Reviews for "Panty Play"

Great Dress-Up game not quite sure if it should be rated M. It should probably go in the Adult games. It shows nudity and sexual acts. SO with that being said, I would move it. Still nonetheless, you did a great ob on the game. it's one of the most interactive Adult games I've seen. Keep it up.

Awesome little time-waster gadget. Like the simplicity and the little, subtle options, like choosing the seam-style of the hose and being able to use the actions through the garments by ripping little holes into them. Keep at it!

versace versace this game is so doodoo and the grafics is soo slopy

Don't make this your last game. Treasure your art and strive. This game is good and shows great promise..I think you should continue your art..

its an ok game I mean u cant fuck her