Reviews for "Panty Play"

Well, well, well, this is a tough game to review. Its not half bad when you make you finger her self while using a sex toy, not to mention you control the size of her ass. but the sloppy animation and crude voice sounds just make it even harder to enjoy the game.

its not bad, but needs a sequel, or some serious updating to make this better

Why did you do this life!?Why!?WTF?!

This is one of my issues with Newgrounds, even today. Most of the time the flash can be downright stupid, way too freaking sexual, or just poorly assembled. In this case, it's the last two. The first and last are popular trends back in the day and doesn't seem to be going. The second one is seemingly growing as we speak though. Is it really that hard to make something entertaining, much less not terrible in anyway save a few minor flaws, but doesn't get in the way too much? I guess otherwise...

Really, I don't have to play the game to understand the badness we have. It's reasons like this I stop going on newgrounds a lot.

wow worest game eveer