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Reviews for "World's End Chapter 1"

good to play

The idea is amazing, and the graphics, music, history... well, amongst the best I had seen in months! Why 1 star? Well, it is broken: Never pass the intro and stays "loading battle" forever. If you fix this, you'll have a weekly feature minimum

What I don't like is that this is a turn- based strategy. Because the characters you play as have the strategic brains of a 4 year old, they put themselves at unnecessary risk. For example, who would take a rag- tag team of 4 street thugs into a fight to kill a nobleman and his well- trained, well- equipped, and better fed guards.

I've only played the first "part" of this game so far, but I think I've gathered enough from it to make a judgement upon it.

When I read the description of "turn based strategy RPG", I assumed it was another Final Fantasy-esque game like many others released, as I've found some game makers throw the term "strategy" here and there as if all RPGs could be called "strategies" in the same vein.

I was pleasantly surprised that not only was it a Final Fantasy Tactics style game (rather than typical Final Fantasy), but it was also streamlined in ways Tactics wasn't all the years back it was made. But more on that later.

The overall look and feel of the game is good. The NES-like soundtrack is a bit grating, but overall, the environments are well-rendered and the game gives a good feel to itself, taking on a Victorian England feel to the setting and characters, which I think works quite well and is somewhat unappreciated by those who make RPGs. I've seen medieval fantasy after medieval fantasy, and a smattering of steampunks as well. But straight-up Victorian (or I assume it's Victorian) seems to be a nice change of pace. In the off-chance it's actually Steampunk or some Victorian-fantasy variant, it's not overbearing, so I appreciate it nonetheless.

Gameplay seems pretty good. Leveling characters is interesting, as the pooled exp system ensures you get the kind of party you want, and new characters don't need to be included for grind battles time after time should you want them to compete with the rest of the party.
Combat works well, though I often wonder why enemies will go out of their way to walk around your characters in melee combat just to stab them in the back or the side. I'd personally prefer to just make two attacks and stand my ground.

All in all, this is a good game. A really good one. I just wish I could play more of it tonight, but I'm kind of busy.

Brilliant. I love the animation, the music the story. Probably one of the best games I've seen coming out of Newgrounds in years. Congrats. Only thing I didn't like was that it was a little too wordy for me on the dialogue, but that's a very minor point. RPG's are very difficult to do and you make it seem flawless. This is why I continue to come to Newgrounds, to find gems like this. Thank you so much for creating this.