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Reviews for "World's End Chapter 1"

Neat little game, but a bit slow paced for me, also dont like that i cant go backa dn grind but hey, thats just me :P

Great game overall, some funny moments, uniqe characters, and a nice little bit of story :)

A very nice RPG game, and it even has so funny moments in it.

Is this Polish

Ysabel kinda looks like Flo from Diner Dash. Just Sayin' :D

Great game!

Very fun game, but the priest area is very difficult. The hit rates against them are low and they do way more damage than any of your people. In the 3rd area, every time you poison someone Otis heals them which appears to cure the poison and leave them with significantly more health than when you attacked, and he heals anyone you get close to 0 which is aggravating. On the whole, the game is excellent and I love the way Tevoran speaks.