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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

Developers care for the gamers: checked
Doesn't try to money grab you: checked
Addictive and fun to play: checked
Challenging difficulty: checked
Farming pays off: checked
Amazingly awesome superb game, The point system allows you to customize your army and prevents everyone from having an op team. Thanks a lot Berserk Studio!!!!!!!

Great game I Hope you add more content as I've already unlocked every item in the game! (That was the easy part) Now i just need to figure out how to put them together!!!!

@ vivasuggest and belial84 The ultra ring INCREASES the casting time of ALL (even the enemy) units (The wording is a little hard to understand, maybe in the next update they could change it?) not reduces, there is also a shield that does this. So if you are using the ring that is why it takes you so long to cast, if they have the ring you will never know!

Manual:Error I just started this game and don know what to do...-_- anyone please tell me...


I love this gameplay.