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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

its asame!!!!!

Awwwww!!! i want to erase my data, be cause y started realy bad.......
Well grafics: Not bad, are good designed. 5/5
Sound´s: Realy good and constructed. 5/5
Variety: the best, a lot of units,weapons. 5/5.

note 5!!


If you looked closely at any undead unit you would see that they have 3 def (hitpoints).
If you used any form of AOE, (Armeggedon's Staff [70s base cast] or Nex's Staff [Base Cast 35S] you would kill every single undead unit And the Caster And any unarmored unit.

There is a lot of strategy in this game - in fact more so than most card games and their ilk. The game does not run on "luck", but preparation and timing.

I agree that I would like to see what the enemy is using, I would press this further by requesting some form of Wiki or Forum so that new players don't start bleating about how the game is stuip, or that Behemoths (Those Giant Metal Chaps) are unbeatable.

Although I'd be quite surprised if that didn't lead to the cookie cutter armies. Never the less there is a counter for EVERYTHING. And this game does as remarkable job of balancing everything out.

The trick is just sit for a minute and think: "Why did I just get pasted?"

Failure to do that will probably result in rage quitting.

It is important to note that is not a "Pay to Win" Game. To be honest you can get 10k gold in about ten minutes when you start winning. I have found that I am inundated with useless junk, but then: everything has a use.

Lastly, @MentalMaestro,

The Lizard men have regular Bows, but they have a +4 poison racial and weakness to cold. They have 4 hitpoints and If they are in armor they have about 20. The armored ones usually buff the entire army's damage. Don't use Steam Giants, they'll get minced. What ever your doing isn't working. So tweak it.

This is an absolutely incredible game! I love the customization, the simplicity, the collector feel you get getting new packs, and the graphics(love how every unit shows the equipment you give them). I played table top war games a lot when I was younger, and this game gives you the feel of that with all the time involved in the rest of the hobby. I look forward to seeing the new packs come out and hope you continue to update this in the future! Excellent job!