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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

button for leave the battle needed

BerzerkStudio responds:

Like a Concede button?

Good game, good mechanics, though if I am honest, I dislike a card-pack based strategy. From the moment I've started playing, I've pretty much had a hard time getting through levels because of a lack of good cards, which costed half a star. Except for that, the system works great. How much time have you guys spent on this?

Oh, I read about tons of people complaining about the lack of money. The problem for most people probably lays in the making of another account just for this game. I'm not really a fan of that as well, so that's pretty much the thing that costed you another half star. I understand that it is necessary to keep the game hackerfree, but I think I'd rather lose 5/10 battles because of hacking than a new account I'd also need to remember details from.

In short: Great game, card packs should be a bit more reliable, there shouldn't be a need for a new account just to play this game online.

Greetz, Tomster1000

BerzerkStudio responds:

As the one who had to spend countless hours dealing with complaints about hackers in previous games, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that front! But I hear you for the booster reliability, we'll look into it.

For the record, signing up for Gamersafe takes no more than 15seconds and from there, you can play your game on any computer, not a bad deal!

My biggest issue is that there is no indepth help menu... like do banners effect spell effects and do race dmg bonuses transfer onto spells, this is vital for strategy and at the moment i have no idea whether im wasting skillpoints on things that dont work.. on a side note i got a legendary sword of awesomeness that is like 60 points to play, but since it two handed and single target i dno how to justify it, that being said im still noob to the game...

On a positive note the game is truely amazing and addictive thank you for making this for us much appreciated

BerzerkStudio responds:

There's a lot of technical discussions going on over on the Codex section of our forums, there's a link to it in the option panel.

And thanks for the kind words!

Good game and all, but it has flaws when battling multiplayer. I was about to win a battle (10 against 4 units), when the system (apparently) declared draw and launched a fire breath over everything, destroying my about-to-win army.
Maybe you should re-configure what parameters determine when there is a total draw and where there is a possible defeat-victory situation.

It's a fun game. I've put many hours into this trying to create the perfect army. There's some things I'd like to see in a future update.

1) The points have to go up to at least 1500. It's practically impossible trying to beat the campaign with an army size of 1000. And it seems as if the campaign armies have sizes of 1500 or 2000.

2) More speeds are also needed. Both 1x and 2x are slow and can be annoying when you're trying to grind for gold.

3) I'd like to have the rows be 2x5 instead of 2x6. I know that it would mess up the armies. Maybe a 6th army that's 2x5?