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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

it is a great game as most of the reviews say. however the fact that you have to buy packs with gold and that gold is made from defeats and wins is a trickle of income that results in ruining the fun making it a total snoozing grind fest

BerzerkStudio responds:

We'll look into finding more interesting ways to gain gold along the way!

Few things
1. Speed up past times 2 PLEASE.
2. More than 200 gold...Your best pack costs 10k, your lowest is 380, yet, unless you're able to get some great stuff act 2 becomes a massive chore of grinding to beat you enemy because they get catapults, guns, and cannons while you don't get any bonuses beyond 380-520 IF you manage to win, and that's a one time gold shot.
3. Either allow us to buy unit packs, OR equip packs but don't meld them and have higher costs for it, it'd make things a lot easier to maintain and build an army that way, as i don't need to try and hope for decent units and only get gear after grinding for 2 hours.

BerzerkStudio responds:

Hey pal, thanks for the feedback!
1-The speed is how we like it, this is not a spreadsheet simulator, result won't be instant.
2-We're working on adjusting the rewards on our inhouse build right now, people should not need to grind in order to beat the second act, just going to take at least some minor brain activity.
3-That's the random aspect of the game! Can be vexing at first, but it will balance out in the end.

I had fun with the game while it lasted, but since I'm on mac I was actually unable to place more soldiers because ctrl+click serves as right click for me. If you could add an option to choose your own keybinds that would be great. Of what I played it was a good game though.

BerzerkStudio responds:

You can drag and drop them as well!

good concept, good stuff. The only problem is that i found myself repeating the same battles all the times as the game becomes more difficult, in order to gain some money. this ain't funny, but the game still rocks. hope you'll do a sequel, with more features. 4/5

I also cannot enter the game. Can someone fix this please?