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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

i was hoping it was gonna be bloody... it wasnt.... but i still enjoy the gameplay...

Good dame Berzerk studios never disappoint. keep it up pls

BerzerkStudio responds:


I am currently at the Champion rank, and can no longer advance as there is nobody else at this level yet so I will now give my feedback. Armies of few but strong units are easily countered by massive armies of peasants with auras (Orcs especially), Armies of peasants are easily countered by wizard armies with more than one ultima staff, and wizard armies are easily countered armies with few but strong units. Rock scissors paper-y, Except there are a few utility items and units placements to give you a slight edge here and there which shall remain my magical secret. I have zero legendary items in my army, they are not viable in a rounded army.

Things to change: All the legendaries except the ultima staff kinda suck for their costs. The ranged units all work on reload timers of multiples of 2, maybe add a few with odd numbers in the next update? The REALLY BIG CHANGE I would like to see is REMOVING STACKING AURAS. THEY RUIN THIS GAME. If this is working as intended then consider creating a few more items with auras and still removing the stacking, it will promote a great deal more army variety late game. Literally every army one encounters later on is a back squad of orc archers and a mess of peasants to take arrows, or some variety of wizard army that kills everything in 2s. Otherwise a wonderful game!

Excelent game! the only issue that i've found is that there is no "Reset" button. I've started playing before the act 2 update and its pretty impossible to beat the king, i have lot of iron boosters and 1 gold booster, even with this equipment i wasn't abble to beat the emperor in act 2.

Make a reset button, please!

BerzerkStudio responds:

It's in the "maybe" pile. Reset buttons always bring headaches of "my sister/dad/dog erased my game" or "I went through the erase tutorial and it erased my game can I get my stuff back". If we start getting more emails about the need to reset the game, more than we'd get from people who got their game erased by an evil third party, we'll consider it further.

reduce the time for draw.... it's never ending and we know pretty soon if nobody is gonna win