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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

i was hoping it was gonna be bloody... it wasnt.... but i still enjoy the gameplay...

I am currently at the Champion rank, and can no longer advance as there is nobody else at this level yet so I will now give my feedback. Armies of few but strong units are easily countered by massive armies of peasants with auras (Orcs especially), Armies of peasants are easily countered by wizard armies with more than one ultima staff, and wizard armies are easily countered armies with few but strong units. Rock scissors paper-y, Except there are a few utility items and units placements to give you a slight edge here and there which shall remain my magical secret. I have zero legendary items in my army, they are not viable in a rounded army.

Things to change: All the legendaries except the ultima staff kinda suck for their costs. The ranged units all work on reload timers of multiples of 2, maybe add a few with odd numbers in the next update? The REALLY BIG CHANGE I would like to see is REMOVING STACKING AURAS. THEY RUIN THIS GAME. If this is working as intended then consider creating a few more items with auras and still removing the stacking, it will promote a great deal more army variety late game. Literally every army one encounters later on is a back squad of orc archers and a mess of peasants to take arrows, or some variety of wizard army that kills everything in 2s. Otherwise a wonderful game!

reduce the time for draw.... it's never ending and we know pretty soon if nobody is gonna win

Truly great idea, well executed. I would love to see this as a commercial release, as there is a great deal of room for expansion on an already great game-
1. Seperate ladders for 1000, 1500, 2500 point armies etc. This would add to the longevity.
2. 'No rules' matches as the current ladder. However, there are a number of tactics currently available that take the fun out of the game; for instance, a row of six mages with the staff that kills everything in front of it, or the infinitely spawning undead. When you see these setups, you know you will die in seconds. As a result, I believe that certain items should have a max number allowable in one army- this would also let you scale up army size/points without everything coming down to one or two 'cookie cutter' builds.
3. A variety of different battle fields could be added. These could totally change the outcome of a battle by blocking movement. LOS etc.
4. Campaign expansions- you could place limitations on unit choices etc to reflect the story and keep things challenging.
I'll stop there, because I could go on all night, I just see a lot of potential here. I don't think the current financial model will get the reward you deserve for this product; many people will just chose to use patience to save the money from ladder games etc rather than handing over cash. If this was polished, expanded and offered for £10-15, I would throw my money at you, as I think many others would!
BUGS- I'm sure you're aware of them, but...
Casting times are inconsistent from battle to battle. This only appears to be a problem with ladder games, not campaign.
The game often hangs after a ladder game and needs reloading.

Well done on a great game, please please please make more!

This Game is Pretty Addicting I love games like these there should be more of them. Some people give a bad rating to this game but not really sure why, the comments I see most are ones that have something to do with the persons crappy computer not the game and the game glitches like the casting one can be beat by using the Ultra Ring which subtracts casting time of all units by 20sec if you use it there team is pretty useless and easy to beat to give it a bad rating for such stupid reasons is beyond me.