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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

Awesome game. I've been coming back to play every day for the past week or so now. I have not gotten too far in the Campaign as I have been focusing on PvP, which is really good. The only problem i have with it is that some players spam spells and I cannot. The Gold pack only gives one legendary item forcing me to grind for gold, and I've yet to come across the things I need to make an amazing army. Anyway, great game, 10/10, as are all of Berzerk's games.

I've deactivated an army, preserving its 30 defeats.. then on my surprise.. it got 250+ (the victories got high too, but) I was hoping to put a formidable army in that slot :(

besides that.. Great Game! Highly addictive!
well, I'm happy how consistent the battles are.. There is a positive side to it
Free Cheers!

Very good game, but unbalanced in the fact you can square up against people with better items than you.

I've read a book about the strategies of war. It's only now that I can actually use those strategies. Haha. Thank you for this game. Nothing quite makes my day as seeing the entire enemy's army being completely wiped out with a surprise fire attack lol.