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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

Awesome game, 5/5. Has a lot of depth and strategy. It took me a lot of time to figure out some of the missions.

Btw, does anyone know how to beat the last mission in chapter 2? What type of weapons and units to us?

BerzerkStudio responds:

Thanks for the kind words pal! As for what to use for that mission, there's no unique solution, just keep experimenting!

Awesome game! I have followed your games for a long time and this is one of my favorite ones! I love the fact that you can create your army the way you like it and that there are millions of different costumizations.
Talking about it, I have noticed that you can spam a single mission and it will always give $200 if you win, if you could add something that prevents that, it would be awesome!

(sorry if my english wasnt that good)

And as always, congratulations for the awesome game!

BerzerkStudio responds:

The losing reward was added in to alleviate the fact that you can just get disappointing boosters once in a while. We would never EVER want people to be artificially stuck somewhere in the campaign because of bad luck, or be stuck buying money to move forward. The ingame purchases are meant to be a "thank you" from our players, not a necessity.

hey uvtqs crush me first punk haha


you know there should be more waves in co-op survival