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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

I love this game their are some little errors that are irritating like when my cannons decide to move up and get killed.But other than that it is awesome!

You should make some reasonable time limit or algorytm calling a draw when no army can win. Now i must quit fights i cant win, but neither my oponent can, and thats a pity. For example some players spam undead all the time which cant kill my tank unit (which heals itself), but they are rised so quickly i cant get through them.

BerzerkStudio responds:

We're working on finding an elegant way to prevent this kind of situation from happening.

This a fantastic game, absolutely fantastic, and you know what, so was the storyline.

An absolutely brilliant game.

Most people are complaining that the storyline is impossible but they are obviously not either preparing their army correctly or not trying the battlefield to get more gold to buy items.
One thing that I admire is the fact that every "ultimate build" has a weakness or another build can beat it. Magic causing trouble? Just use an item that slows casting time. Some one summoning too many skeletons that stop your army? use zamaroths sword, azaratius axe or a staff that will attack everyone and have your troops resistant to that type of spell. that will kill the back group who are summoning and make it easy for your front line to push through.
I'll stop there because there are too many tactics and a counter for them.

Graphics: great. Backgrounds are done nicely and you can see all the items that the enemy is actually using (even though you can scroll over them and view it).
Storyline: it's good but I think it would be better to have a longer storyline with battles that progress in difficulty slower as it deters players who wish to play the storyline only to complete it.
Audio: Love the music and perfect audio noises.
I can see you are still updating this (I started playing 2 days before the ashes campaign came out)

all in all a great game with no flaws that I can see. Although this game would probably not appeal to those looking for a quick battle game, It's strategy and appeals to those who enjoy this genre.