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Reviews for "Battle Cry"


The balance and point system are way off. I can see what the creator was trying to do, but it's missing something. Also, do the auras even work? I don't seem to be noticing any effect from them... but even if there is one, they don't seem cost effective. The game boils down to min-maxing for the most point efficient army half the time, and the other half you're just trying to find the piece to the puzzle that makes your army overcome the campaign's. It's not bad, but needs work.

This Game Really Great i am a custom armory nut but this wow i just love it
i think i made a team on here that is so strong in Battlefield that on one can beat but that my saying
but i do have problems in the campaign only some the AI gets a lucky hit and some times attack don't land right (on me most of lee)
but in all i just like it Like it LIKE IT

It's a great game but 1000 points for a powerfull army is not enough. An option for 2000 and 3000 points should do it and than its really worth 5 Stars. I would even think about spending some real money if this appears to happen. but I'm still satisfied cause It doest seem to be a f***** pay to win game. thanks for that :)

Sorry for my bad english usually I'm speaking german.

The multiplayer isn't working properly, I'll play one game, and loose or win, and it'll say I've won like five games, but I haven't. Good game though.