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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

Cool game with lots of weapons and items, I just dont like the strategy and the system of battles, its a bit glitchy too.

if you're have problems "moving" your people press and hold ctrl and stop bitching about it and enjoy the game

Some serious balance issues, but all in all its a very fun game, with lots of options.

But seriously, real talk, Rhaegar's Bow is broken beyond belief. thing is the win button. bow vs high troop numbers? mows them down. bow vs casters? shoots them before they get a spell off. bow vs super tough troops? long as you have a somewhat decent line to hold them off, bow cuts them down.

Is a nice detailed game but the entire system for building an army is just painfully slow and clunky... I do not wish to drag and drop 20 units individually onto a grid. Then if I want to move them back or forward 1 grid I have to do them all 1 by one again...

not a bad game you got here, i played for awhile going "eh i won't play it long" then here i am..still playing..however did have a glitch that frustrated me went to make a werewolf with a dark staff..and it wouldn't let me edit him after and for whatever reason when i select him it selected my Human with the Splinter of Oryth, then it glitched and got rid of another unit altogether and duplicated an angel unit i had..then it duplicated the human with splinter of oryth..? found it odd