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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

It's a fun game. I've put many hours into this trying to create the perfect army. There's some things I'd like to see in a future update.

1) The points have to go up to at least 1500. It's practically impossible trying to beat the campaign with an army size of 1000. And it seems as if the campaign armies have sizes of 1500 or 2000.

2) More speeds are also needed. Both 1x and 2x are slow and can be annoying when you're trying to grind for gold.

3) I'd like to have the rows be 2x5 instead of 2x6. I know that it would mess up the armies. Maybe a 6th army that's 2x5?

I could be better with easier ways to get men (just have a horse rider instead of having to create it), use the stuff you get to upgrade the units and have more fractions to play as to start (e.g. start with humans, orcs or skeletons etc.) if you do this other games will follow because of popularity!!

I love pretty much everything about this game... Except that you only get 1,000 points to upgrade your army and with the enemy it is deff not the case they get what looks like 1,000,000 maybe less idk... But I'd like to be able to put 40+ soldiers on the screen and also to be able to give everyone in my army legendary armor, weapons, shields, and specials without running out of points... and whats the reason for the 5th army set only having 2 areas for your army its kinda pointless either have it or don't... So yeah almost perfect.. for me at least

must fixed again

At the loading screen, the bar fills up and the game freezes. I've updated my player, defrag, reset, etc... I've been playing this game since it was published and have been enjoying it. This is a new problem.