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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

I am currently at the Champion rank, and can no longer advance as there is nobody else at this level yet so I will now give my feedback. Armies of few but strong units are easily countered by massive armies of peasants with auras (Orcs especially), Armies of peasants are easily countered by wizard armies with more than one ultima staff, and wizard armies are easily countered armies with few but strong units. Rock scissors paper-y, Except there are a few utility items and units placements to give you a slight edge here and there which shall remain my magical secret. I have zero legendary items in my army, they are not viable in a rounded army.

Things to change: All the legendaries except the ultima staff kinda suck for their costs. The ranged units all work on reload timers of multiples of 2, maybe add a few with odd numbers in the next update? The REALLY BIG CHANGE I would like to see is REMOVING STACKING AURAS. THEY RUIN THIS GAME. If this is working as intended then consider creating a few more items with auras and still removing the stacking, it will promote a great deal more army variety late game. Literally every army one encounters later on is a back squad of orc archers and a mess of peasants to take arrows, or some variety of wizard army that kills everything in 2s. Otherwise a wonderful game!

I liked it, completely possible without money or hours to waste beating lower levels, rather short though. A second version of this mustn't retain the same number of points for all levels.

The fighting simulation is kinda weak and personally doesn't really feel right. Maybe if you kill off a few soldiers at one time instead of your whole front line getting killed off all at once, and have more turn based action.

This game is possible without using money I manage to grind 1 million coins.
Just grind on missions that have only 1 line at front like act 1 broken peace, act 2 Orcish pride and act 3 the undead squad. I can win a mission and get the coins in 10 seconds so I make 1200 coins per minute and 70k + per hour.

For people reporting bug that wizards not casting magic There is no such bug. The reason why wizards not casting magic is because there are 3 legendary items in the game that increase the casting time by 10 to 20 seconds.Not only players use it but also npc use legendary items in mission too.

For those having trouble in the mission Royal contention. Well you have to kill them fast with archers. The super easy way is to grind coins to get one of the legendary items that increase casting time by 20 making them harmless.

The problem with this game is that there are not enough battle points the stronger the units the less units you get. You should allow people to get more battle points as they level up their ranks on battlefield example reaching steel shield would earn you 100 extra battle points.

I really do not like the card system is just too expensive buying items that you do not even know if they useful....
I want to buy 3 more Rhigar bow but they are rare.... Even after spending 1 million i still do not have what I need and I keep getting legendary items that i consider useless. Basically I have to buy a a lot of expensive cards to hopefully get the item i want and get a lot of useless items i do not need....
Units of weekly and daily pack in my opinion are complete useless Since I can get them so much from card package I wish you could buy legendary items too for like 1 million or be able to trade or sell your repeatable items that you do not want. Or make card packs more cheaper I feel sorry for people who spend 60$ on this game because even with 350,000 is not enough to create your super army.
I have come to conclusion that maybe there is no perfect army for battlefield?someone always gonna beat you if the put the strategy to counter you. I guess winning in battle is like rock paper scissors too. But of course with some strategies you can win most of the time.

The game is cool, however there are a few flaws imo.

There is no randomness involved in the game, which is a good (and a bad) thing. It makes the whole battle animation fights redundant. You can immediately see if u win or lose just by looking at the setup of both sides. The good thing about this is that you can involve a great deal of strategy in it however.

Another thing is the frequent freezes on my Safari browser when i come out of the fight, when it is "processing" the battle results.

Other then that i love the game in essence.