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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

way too addicting

I love this game BERSERK KEEP UPDATING PLZ this is awesome

you know there should be more waves in co-op survival

I really love the game mechanics.

I wish there were more maps, units, races, equipment, spells ... just more of everything.

As for the graphics, I like the art-style, simple but effective. The music is also fitting, maybe a bit more variation would be nice, it gets repetitive after some time.

The only thing that a bit of bother to me, is the amount of grinding you need to invest, if you want some nice things. But this is to be expected with the current pay-model.

As for any possible improvement for any potential further expansion or sequel (At least I hope something is planned), beside adding more items and units, you could add vehicles (I.e. Chariots), Buildings (barricades, walls traps) and sieges (A way to destroy buildings or equipment to overcome the early mentioned walls and traps)

Also maybe adding more slots to the units (Maybe more than just one special-slot and/or a Skill-slot) or even a hero unit that gains experience trough the campaign.