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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

Great game I really liked the fact that you could make you own army. But I would love to see aversion where game play stays the same but your king and you are trying to conquer the world and be ultimate ruler and you have to start by taking a province then a country then the world, and then plus online play that would be a great game. But anyways this game is really goo I really enjoyed it five stars all the way.

Awesome game, but i need some one to help me with co-op i am forever alone, any one send me a message and add me, i am Sakaker in the game.

so whats the point of ranking up I mean once you rank up all you get is new banner things

absolutely love the amount of stratigy required to win and the high amount of character customisation, the only real problem i have with the game is that it sometimes can't seem to find any army to fight on the multiplayer, but really like, after looking for 30 minutes straight. this issue happens a lot and i hope it will be fixed. For the rest: great game and i'm looking forward to the next campaign missions!

For a strategie Junky like me, its important that i have a game which i can play as long as i want .
You need a good strategie for this game cause if u use ur units on wrong position or give em wrong armor.. u wont win

Amazing game!
Hope we get more of games like these!
5 STARS from me