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Reviews for "Battle Cry"

Great game!!! The troops distribution is great. I hope though, as a future update, to make Online PvP, and campaigns with different amounts of points, or perhaps a death match with infinite points! :D :D

In short i loved the game an all. Make atleast a mode where you will have no points limit because it always feel way too little. Battles got too hard so i had to farm survival mode for gold to buy packs for better item/creatures. Getting those items to destroy that one army with those items you dont have counters to will have you buying those packs again and again and again (dont forget the farming!). Otherwise the game was awesome i liked the graphics and they fit the game nicely. The fights were pretty much just 1 shotting enemies or getting one shotted. Story was okay an all and im hoping for a sequel (or atleast some updates which will make it "better").

the whole points army thing sucks. good game. needs tips.

Manual:Error I just started this game and don know what to do...-_- anyone please tell me...

good concept, good stuff. The only problem is that i found myself repeating the same battles all the times as the game becomes more difficult, in order to gain some money. this ain't funny, but the game still rocks. hope you'll do a sequel, with more features. 4/5