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Reviews for "Magicians"

I'm really glad that it was not a generic puzzle game in which you push blocks to jump onto platforms. The concept was really original and well made. The levels were sometimes quite hard, but always enjoyable. We need more puzzle games like this.

TinSleeves responds:

Thanks for playing, really glad you liked it!

It's interesting to play games like this, because the first couple of levels are so freaking easy. You know you're going to reach a level you will have to work really hard to get past. I couldn't help but think these guys reminded me of Mario and Luigi. You know, the red and green ones. This game is like a Rubik's cube in that if you advance one way, the rest of it is ruined. I'm surprised I've never used that analogy before.

I still found it cool how the levels were so uniquely designed. There are always new strategies to think of. Only one really works. The music is fairly good too. Maybe it isn't like Mario in that there was no blue guy.

its an ok game: medals work, responsive controls, and nice graphics. my only problem is that its too slow, as in gameplay. maybe it's just not my kind of game. good job

TinSleeves responds:

The game is definitely one you have to think about rather than just speed through, certainly not for everybody. Thanks for playing it though :)

Game is good, and it blows your mind then. :)

i give it 4 stars

TinSleeves responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for rating and having your mind blown :)

Good but sad if press Q and skip all levels and win.