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Reviews for "Magicians"

Fantastic game. Pretty hard early on. Some of it feels a little more timing and skill, rather than strategy and planning. Must mostly fair and doable. Complex and challenging.
Only reason not 5 stars is no hints at secret Medals (Missing last one?)
Also, 1 Medal is glitched. (I have the "Cards" Medal, but not the "The End" one?)

Amazing game, brilliant puzzles, I totally loved it!

Gameplay is pretty fun, some level are hard but it's still nice, good work :)

It's interesting to play games like this, because the first couple of levels are so freaking easy. You know you're going to reach a level you will have to work really hard to get past. I couldn't help but think these guys reminded me of Mario and Luigi. You know, the red and green ones. This game is like a Rubik's cube in that if you advance one way, the rest of it is ruined. I'm surprised I've never used that analogy before.

I still found it cool how the levels were so uniquely designed. There are always new strategies to think of. Only one really works. The music is fairly good too. Maybe it isn't like Mario in that there was no blue guy.

I've seen this on cool math games!