Reviews for "Cats astronauts"

if it was easyer to launch the cats (besides the cannon upgrade) and if you let the cat come all the way back down then this would be a good game because if you dont let the cat come back down all the way you have minimal chance to actually get more cats back so i give a 3

4 shots moon 2 upgrades wow

I like the game. I'm not sure what everyone else is complaining about. If you want more cats, you can get them during the flight and the astronaut medal isn't broken: you get it once you've gotten as high as you can possibly go upward (though it is somewhat misleading since if you pass up saturn, you are already in space and should be considered an astronaut). you'll know you've reached it when the cat has on a space helmet.

OMG why isnt this game called Catstronauts. dropped the ball guys

Interesting concept, albeit one that has been used many times before., which starts the review at 5.0 - 0.5 points for being a retread.

The problem is that unlike other similar "get-to-space" games, the number of chances to get the game completed is rather limited, which is rather frustrating in itself. On top of that, medals do not always work in this game for me, for example the "Astronaut" medal does not work, despite getting the "Flight to the Moon" and "Hello, Martians" medals. Those problems drop my rating of the game by 2.0 points.

Finally, the background music is rather generic and does not seem to match the game either, which is a 0.5 point drop for my review.

Starting grade (5.0 points) - being a retread (0.5 points) - Gameplay and medal issues (2.0 points) - Generic music (0.5 points) = 2.0 points