Reviews for "Cats astronauts"

very great games cute!

love it!

I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this somewhat. Cats are cool and this game is too.
This game actually takes some skill, unlike other launch games that are more chance based (Kitten Cannon). This game still has the chance element but the different control of the cat is a new and welcome touch. Well Done.

This is ok.

This type of game has been done thousands of times and yours fails to stand out as something special. Two reasons for this really.

Firstly, the limited lives and few opportunities to acquire new ones. This type of game can, quite literally, eat up hours of my life. The fun is spending time collecting cash and purchasing the upgrades, by limiting the number of tries a person has you immediately remove part of the core game mechanic. Fifteen is such a small number; the player has very little time to familarise themselves with how the game plays and to grab those expensive upgrades.

The other problem is that, unlike every other game of this type, you do not let the player fall back down to the ground. The problem with doing this is that you remove the amount of time a player has to collect cash, boosts and extra lives, as well as limiting the time the player spends actually playing the game. So when a player is on a very tight time scale you've removed one of the key cash collecting elements.

The game in itself is not bad, I like the look of the game and I thought the controls worked rather well, the juggling of the cat was a nice touch that is not often included in games of this type. Unlike some others, I liked the simple music - found that it matched the art very well.

So yeah, if you were to make another one. Perhaps increase the number of starting to lives to maybe, 25/30? And provide a way for the player to purchase new cats perhaps, make it as a more expensive upgrade so that lives are not too easy but still accessible. A compromise for the falling thing, perhaps make falling the default but with an option to skip the fall; I'm sure we've all experienced 10 minute long free falls before.