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Reviews for "SICK DAY"

That was pretty good. It started off a bit slow for me, but it was funny. The zombie dick kind of caught me off guard. Nice touch.

the backgrounds OH JEGUS! the backgrounds.... they're so cool

Yeah calling in sick was easy back in the day all I had to do was say hey I'm feeling like shit, now I have to go to the doctor and convince him to give me a slip that sais ya I'm sick, but you cant just go too a random doctor you gotta go too one you can count on to have your back. Last time I did this long while back he wouldn't do it so it went against me. Was bull shit so I no longer call in sick anymore.

Really wish they would get a better player for this, keeps having to buffer.

My only problem was that you showed that zombies "you know what". Why? You could have blurred it.

Not bad, I liked it