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Reviews for "SICK DAY"

Nice little story, I almost thought you were going to try and be epic with it which wouldn't have worked (to me, anyway) with the style and simplicity of animation, but it had the right mix of adventure and comedy. The zombie onlookers really sold it for me, and the one with the screwdriver in his eye at the end made me giggle.

Kind of pointless and really hella nasty, this is one strange animation. Still, the sense of humour and comedic timing is spot-on, and the animation is of a high quality.

Your art style in abstract and cartoony in a good way. Nathan's reactions are relatable and make sense. The musical accompaniment was a pleasant companion for the duration of the film, and the giant zombie was a clever escalation.

You gave the ending away after one of the long glances at the bag.

What are the chances?

Yeah calling in sick was easy back in the day all I had to do was say hey I'm feeling like shit, now I have to go to the doctor and convince him to give me a slip that sais ya I'm sick, but you cant just go too a random doctor you gotta go too one you can count on to have your back. Last time I did this long while back he wouldn't do it so it went against me. Was bull shit so I no longer call in sick anymore.

Really wish they would get a better player for this, keeps having to buffer.