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Reviews for "The Hitchiker"

This game basically has one direct pathway to the end of the plot. I didn't really like that part of the game; however, the graphics were pretty decent and I liked the voice-acting touch to the game. Overall not a very exciting game in my opinion, but with a little work I think this game could be going places. :)

For once one of these games has a choice system that actually makes sense rather then just being a porn simulator. Plus the taunting when you made a wrong choice was a nice touch, though making me start over was kinda meh. One huge downside though was that black screen at the end, kinda killed the mood.

the question and action was good, but the art is meh...

Its a quick game that I for one have actually dreamed about happening in real life as I drove long highways. Pretty adult but not horrible. And some really funny choices to make. Just wondering how to get the pessimist medal??

DeSaGames responds:

Telling you how to get the secret medal would kind of be beating the point of making it secret, wouldn't it? I'll just say it's from one of the options that you pick.

Repeating from beggining after one fault. Is interesting however tiring after making a mistake, you have to answer again from the beginning.
Also, does have one main guideline and not this much fun picking the "wrong" answer.
Dear creator, if you had for each option one other storyline, (even going to fail eventually) this could be much more fun!

DeSaGames responds:

How did that not occur to me? Thanks!
Seriously, definitely using that next time when I make a point'n'clicker!