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Reviews for "The Hitchiker"

I like it!

The animation and artworks have improved over previous efforts. The voice efforts are a decent attempt, but also could use work. The choices given, as mentioned elsewhere, are quite funny. A couple of branching paths along them would be nice, rather than a flat game over. Also, an option to retry the last choice, at least once, would be nice.

DeSaGames responds:

I originally didn't make a second chance due to the fact that each of the endings had a different little voice clip on the end but then I had some major audio issues with the wrong sounds playing at the wrong time and it all kind of ended up being a bit of a clusterfuck. In retrospect I probably should have added some sort of a lives system like I did in the Brain&Heart Quiz but I guess that's for the next game then.
Happy you enjoy my humor!
Thanks for the review!

OK so the art and animation needs some work, it is a bit of an improvement over some of your previous stuff but it still has a way to go. You know this already you comment about it, so that isn't why I am reviewing. I am reviewing because you come up with some great off the wall choices but then you don't follow through. We essentially get a game over screen. I mean with gems like 'Say hello to oral herpes bitch' and 'My uncle did it way better you aren't topping anything' you have to follow through with more than 'How about you don't try being a creep'. And seriously 'I once killed a man in Reno just to watch him die' is totally a classic line (actually paraphrased from 'I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die' from Johnny Cash - Falsom Prison Blues) and one that I will use at random in much less appropriate context (though I say 'I once killed a man in Reno just to watch him bleed'), and the line deserves way more than 'How about you don't try being a creep' and 'I picked up this hitchhiker girl. threw her out of a moving car, and then gently kissed her', totally deserves an animation. Morbid? Perhaps, but that kind of humor could bring this from being a very mediocre porn game to an awesomely hilarious porn game. I'm just saying. You already at least have some of that kind of a sense of humor or you wouldn't make the joke answers like that. As it stands not very good, but it is a slight improvement over your older stuff. Consider following through with the joke answers.

DeSaGames responds:

That's a stellar idea! I'll be sure to put in a bit more than a game over screen next time, this was just a bit of an old project so I was kind of rushing to finally finish it but I guess that's not really an excuse.
Thanks for the advice though! Will make sure to incorporate it soon!

it doesn't turn me on for some reason
it's just doesn't for a certain reason
but you did your best so 2.5 stars should be fine
not good but not bad

DeSaGames responds:

More quality porn coming right up!
Stay tuned.

The sex scenes are very crude and look like they were done badly on purpose. I hope this wasn't meant to be a joke...

DeSaGames responds:

The sex scenes were made a couple of months ago so they're not exactly up to par with my mediocre art skills at the moment. I just felt a need to finally finish off this project and get started on something completely new instead of starting something new. With that said, you can look forward to some much better sex scenes from me in the future!