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Reviews for "The Hitchiker"

Could be better , but who am i to critisise. i don't even know how to make a flash game.

Very nice.
Once again, art should have been more polished.
The voice acting is a nice touch, very sexy voice.
I really like the fun facts.
Nice ambient music.
Would have benefited from different paths.

Not to be a dick, but it's "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.", not "I killed a man in Reno". I liked the game, very simple. Funny but my favorite animation frame was where you offer the bottled water and she gives you a thumbs up, a very humanizing gesture that I thought looked really good in a natural way. Maybe you can do a part two to this where she talks about how, "I've been everywhere." (Johnny Cash reference.) Keep up the good work.

Haha I loved the Johhny Cash reference ! xd

You're joking right? The animation wasn't very good the story line needs some work and it was way too short of a game