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Reviews for "Neighborhood Watch"

Gorgeous Art Style, good pace, wonderful animation.
Deserves Attention!

Freaking great set up.
Great sound!
Great animation!

This was surprisingly funnier than I had imagined... I didn't think this would be this good!

This is seriously, one of the greatest fucking things i've seen all-year.

Hilarious. whimsical, and an absolute joy to watch. This reminds me of the times i used to watch cow & chicken, all the laughs, the crying....The vomiting...This brought back so many memories od watching nickalodian and cartoon network cartoons. It really felt like i was watching an old VHS recording of an old cartoon from the 90's and you sir, have nailed that feel.

What a great fucking cartoon!

a bit of superjail inspiration? I loved the skull pull scene.