Reviews for "Neighborhood Watch"

That was amazing. Excellent art, sound, a great story and those characters were hilarious. I hope you make more. So much stuff I see on here recently that gets high grades that actually sucks but you sir are a true artist. Thank you.

"Oh no! Bewbies." Hahaha. Very nice. Did you do the backgrounds? They're kickass. I like your use of animal characters and the way you drew them brings me back to some earlier animations I watched growing up. I enjoyed this very much. Good work.

Moral of the story: letting authority get to your head can have dire consequences. Great animation. I like the classic Watercolor backgrounds!

Mikecarloooyeah responds:

Hey actually the BGs were designed an painted by Elliot Byrne. He's a background designer on Metalocalypse, Superjail! and some other awesome shows. Check out his work he's amazing!!!

Guys go to 1:34 and pause. He shit himself.

reminds me of rosco's life