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Reviews for "Neighborhood Watch"

god damn dude

Great animation, funny jokes, made me laugh.

It is a very rare occurrence when I give somebody a 5 star rating on their Newgrounds submission, and this is one definitely deserves the praise. The animation is that of what you don't normally see nowadays because it was very crisp and traditional styled, the voice acting was spectacular down to a tee, and the writing drove me into the story instantly. I must say, for a Newgrounds submission, this looked very proffessional and not shoved down your throat. Thanks for entertaining me and thousands, Mike, and good luck to you most indefinitely.

Beautiful animation, great character designs, and it's funny as hell.

I've seen this before on Youtube along with the other animations on the same channel, so I was instantly hooked. There's really nothing else to state; this is a professional piece of work.

The backgrounds are gorgeous. They're painterly, detailed and remind me of what you'd see in some cartoons from the 50's and 60's (ultra detailed backdrops for the characters when they're running, walking or doing nothing at all). 5/5. Can't wait to see more in the future.

Did anyone bother the watch what happens after the credits?