Reviews for "Neighborhood Watch"

you might consider pitching this to
IFC or Comedy Central.

The animation style take me back to what a cartoon days or ren and stimpy. Not for everyone but i like it :)

clearly a master peace


Fucking. Pure. Liquid. Genius.

You'll have to excuse me. It's difficult to write a proper review with this massively throbbing erection. That was fucking brilliant on so many levels. Who do we get to throw money at you, and how?

Let's get to it:
- The art style was GREAT. Organic and reminiscent of a mix between some good ol' John K/Spumco deliciousness and Duckman- but not really borrowing from either. Truly splendid and seemingly original
- The animation was fluid and executed spot-on.
- The voices, sounds and general audio levels did neither offend nor understimulate
- The concept/storyboarding. Oh the concept. Eerily awkward and hilarious at the same time in that wholesome (yet unsettling) manner like the Venture Brothers. Sublime failure, indeed. To this end, I say "GREAT SUCCESS!" /Borat
- The Octopus though, was the cherry on the fucking cake (and in this case, I'd like to... Wait, I'll forgo that joke). Lost my shit so hard at that point that I couldn't see the screen for a good minute.

Thanks for sharing this with us. The quality of work here is phenom. Don't stop creating stuff. Ever.

Mikecarloooyeah responds:

Holy Smoke! This made my day! I don't charge for my stuff, I make it out of pocket and with the help from some friends ie. BG's, and music, so I'm super happy everyone on NG's is diggin it. Thanks for the awesome breakdown.