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Reviews for "Game Grumps Porn"

Holy balls, I just happened to remember you yesterday and then I find something about pistachio and then I find this today.

Seamless fusion of art styles and morphing thereof. Rythm and structure reminiscent of Borges' The Aleph, as a tiger made of tigers like himself. 5 out of 5.

This is a (parody) everyone that does not get that will usually give low rating,

but it haves the true story in the Love life's of several artists from newgrounds,
or at least reflects how they behave with each other.

this video reminds us how gay and weird shit usually gets in newgrounds.

Nice animation
Nice audio track
good concept.

Another boring sex parody. You guys are lacking: 1) Imagination 2) Originality

Just as ive told you before, you've come so far in animating, your art style has definently gone alot better, and the animation is alot smoother now than ever before. I liked the vid, entertaining. I really wish to hit your level of skill someday. Also looking forward for more Alfred rofl. Keep it up! :)

Glad I could contribute, emily, thank yous

and yes your lines have gotten smoother, especially on Aaron's face when he starts to frown, keep it up! although I still like the look of your nonsmoother lines as well

yes this is andres