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Reviews for "Game Grumps Porn"

Never seen something like this before.. i really think its the best thing ive ever seen.

this. is.. GOD-TIER

Beautiful. You better be damn sure that I'll be watching this over and over again for a long while.

It's....Just so breathtaking

You remember that one episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets his own portrait of himself and the art critics are all "it's so hideous yet I can't look away" Yeah it is EXACTLY like this grotesque marvel of a movie. I mean it just begs the question., Why did she make this? What is the purpose? Well that my friends is the mystery of Emily Youcis.

And that is why I give this a perfect rating. I hope to god one of these days I get my own porn parody made by you it would be an honor

What am I doing with my life?