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Reviews for "Game Grumps Porn"


Bestiality and game grumps.

No one could have thought of this.



I lost my shit just now. I can't stop laughing, This work of art is probably your best yet aside from the last two Alfred movie scenes. While the game grumps, which is basically a let's play shitfest, wasn't ever my cup of tea, I'm glad that someone has finally made something that completely complements it to its entire. To the point to where it becomes something of the priceless spam-art flashes from yestermorrow.

Well, i have to say that not a lot of people really DO care for game grumps anymore as Jon had left and Danny took his place.

Either way, this is an interesting piece nonetheless. The style and exaggeration is pretty entertaining to look at and the way Alfred gets involved with the two basically screwing each other is disturbing but also kinda funny.

Damn son, this was deep. Deeper than my penis going inside my non-existent girl's friends vagina. Naw but seriously, this is kinda like what I view society is becoming. Maybe I just have a really shitty view of society.