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Reviews for "Game Grumps Porn"

the horrors! and is actualized! but why the fuck is taking so long to charge?!!! not worth it for something that you will regret almost instantly... is because i was doing other things while it was charging? but i always do that, so how come this one in particular takes so long?!! doesn't matter now we know what happened to Jon... a traumatized dog raped him so he had to abandon the show...

Also since Danny entered to replace Jon, game grumps has been doing quite well, so yeah this would never go to the point of people not caring, as for Alfred... remember when i told you to not pull a pokemon on us? i was talking about making a never ending series with little to no change, for years and years, now that is what i call giving less than two shits.

emily-youcis responds:

Die you. have you not heard of the movie I have been making? Have you not read the comments explaining how this pandering mess of bullshit integrates into the movie? Have you not realized that this is a commentary on how society and its "ideals" have turned into nothng but a soulless vessal of meaningless depravity, with no outcomes, no learning experiences, just instant stimuli such as a mere drug would produce!? I'm glad you regretted the Game Grumps Porn instantly, nothing of such a title would be worth anyone's time. Unless it was put beautifully to one of the most haunting peices of our time. Have you seen Battle Royale perchance? Not to matter, it seems you hate me and consider me a fad, while I know I strive in my daily life to combat the endless stream of parody pandering bullshit that embezzles the current internet, with no new characters, no new situations. Which is precisely ironic that I have made this pOrn. Am I Contributing to it, Or am i Making a statement? Either way, Alfred must go Corrupt, and if you have ever been a fan of him you know this, And it is precisely here that he turns Most Corrupt, Most patronized, Most reduced to bait for views and cash!

I laughed

Killed it......killed them.......butt secs

That was delightfully poetic, and your animation has improved 10-fold since you've started Alfred.

This truely is a piece of art for the ages. I am truly speechless, an excellent piece.