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Reviews for "Mayan Robots"

awesome idea great animation. Although it looks like mass effect...

Black-Crystal responds:

Yup, my inspiration comes from Mass effect. Their art design is really different from some of the sci-fi games and movies. Thanks

very nice job, if it were a little longer it would have been better, make a series:)

I though the models looked really good, so great job on that!
However, the two minor problems I have are that the animation itself lacked fluidity at times, and the sound effects could have been of higher quality. Specifically, impact sounds like characters breaking stone or being thrown around sounded flat, and the footstep effects could have been better. Other than that, nice work!

Black-Crystal responds:

Thanks, i spent alot of time on the characters. I want to make sure that they look 'real'.

The work put into this animation is getting far less credit than it deserves. Work a little more on your sound, or possibly find someone willing to do it for you to a professional standard, and this will be a round five stars.

That said, if this is a solo effort, you're clearly a talented 3d artist. Well done! 4.5 for you from me, and I hope to see a resub, or maybe even a sequel!

Black-Crystal responds:

Thanks, yea i probably use work with a sound designer but at that time, i underestimate the power of sound and music.

If you did this all by yourself, you did a pretty good job. Although, I'm sure you know that you can improve in many ways, starting with the sound. I sincerely hope you don't give up, and to see more of your work in the future